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July 29, 2011
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A:TQOR Kya and Korra's family by Toph51496 A:TQOR Kya and Korra's family by Toph51496

So I said that all airbenders could trace themselves back to Aang, well here is what I mean!!!!! This shows you the link beteween Aang and his great-great-great grandaughters, Kya and Korra! It also shows you the link beteween Sokka and his great-great-great grandson Koda who just so happend to be our bad guy.

Now Sokka's decendents are interesting. His daughter Yue got the throne when he died, she never married and passed it to her nephew, Hakoda, upon her passing.
Hakoda married a beautiful woman named Yumi and they had twin sons, Mika (Mike-a) and Leo. Now Mika had this notion that the 'royal' bloodline (the bloodline of the water tribe chief) was inpure, because of the earthbnder blood. Leo thought he was crazy, and tried to turn him over to the high council, but before he could, he died in an 'accident.'
To keep the bloodline pure, Mika married a waterbender woman named Winter. She bore him 3 children, two waterbenders and one non bender. Mika was ok with that, but insested that his son take the role of cheif like in the old days, instead of the now normal, first-born policy.
His son, Luke, folowed his beliefs and created the KTA army. Luke, like his father before him, wanted to keep the bloodline 'pure' and married a waterbender woman named Mya. She did not follow his beliefs, but stayed with him anyway, out of love. She gave birth to his 3 children, Madison (Maddie) a waterbender, Koda also a waterbender, and Kathryn (Katie), a non bender who knows chi-blocking and martial arts.
Luke did not follow the first-born policy like some of the world and had his daughter, Maddie moved to second in line to be the cheif, so her brother could be first. Maddie holds a grudge aganist her father and is the leader of the resistance.
Koda is the perfect heir to the throne, he has been trained to know exactally what to do to hurt the Avatar, and he does with the help of his sister, Katie. He wants to eventually kill Avatar Ryan in the Avatar state.
Kattie is fun, energetic, Loveable and a very good fighter. She does everything her borther tells her to even though he sometimes tells her that she is worthless. She is not aware that what she is doing is hurting other people. If she did she would most likely desert her brother.

Soooo that's how Sokka's bloodline go screwed up! Oh yeah, and the only people on this chart who didn't marry are Sokka's daughter Yue, and his great grandson Leo. The rest did but it was irrelvent.
Oh my, I wrote alot again... oh well! have fun reading!!!!!

Dolls made at: [link]

Discription of possible fan fic -> [link]

Character designs! -> [link]

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ImAZombieLetMeBiteU Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Ok my lecture, Jinora is with Kai, And Sokka's Line Got an EarthBender Somehow (Suki May or may not come from a Earthbending Bloodline) , when i believe Kyoshi warriors are apart of Airbending.
Toph51496 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was for a fanfic I never even wrote, and I made it before Legend of Korra came out, so I didn't even know about Kya and Bumi, let alone Kai.
ajames123 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Iroh is too old for jinora
Toph51496 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok. I will explain this slowly for you since you clearly CAN'T READ THE DISCRIPTION, I made this before LOK premiered it was a visual aid for a story I never wrote. All we knew about Aang's family at the time was Tenzin, Pema and the kids. I added Kya and Bumi later. I figured (silly me) that Zuko's grandchildren would be about the same age as Aang's, I was wrong, for that I apologize, but read the description and maybe the other comments because I've had quite a few people ask.
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Explain to me, please, how an airbender and a firebender produce a waterbender.  Bending is not completely genetic, meaning that if bending abilities are present, they must correspond to at least one parent.
Toph51496 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well her Aunt and Grandmother are Waterbenders..... either way it doesn't matter because it's FAKE and I made it just for fun! it's in my scraps for pete's sake. anyway, I don't know why you care, because you really shouldn't.
kylemon73 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
You know iroh is at least 15 years older then jinora
MountainLygon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
To be fair, Tenzin is 17 years older than Pema.
kylemon73 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
hmm... I never thought of that
Toph51496 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
IT'S NOT CANNON!!!!! Oh my gosh, read the discription. I made this as an OC thing like before LOK even came on! I didn't know about Iroh II yet, I thought Zuko's grandkids and Aang's grandkids would be about the same age.
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